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Specialist Sessions

​If you thought The Internet changed the world…get ready for Voice!

Date: Tuesday 09 October

Time: 15:25-16:05

If your travel brand is mute, how will it exist in a screenless future? 

In this Workshop, Global’s Creative Director, Jo McCrostie will share the secrets and creative tools needed to stand out in a ‘sound-on’ world, including a few surprises along the way and a LIVE demonstration with one of the UK’s biggest travel brands. 

Consumers are spending more time interacting with brands via audio – be it giving or receiving messages through devices such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or listening to a podcast on a mobile.

By 2020, it is predicted 50% of all web browsing will be screenless. Not to mention voice activated cars and coffee machines. Even tech giant Apple is moving to a less instantly visual world; predicting a digital landscape that relies on voice assistants, headphones and wearables to take some pressure off our eyes.

So, what does this mean for travel brands? One thing is for sure, if your brand doesn’t have a ‘voice’ or a ‘sonic identity’ you are definitely missing out! 

This session is sponsored by Global Media & Entertainment.

A presentation deck is not available for this session but for more information on the Sonic Branding please contact Jo.McCrostie@global.com