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Seville Provincial Tourism Board

Seville Provincial Tourism Board is a 2018 Convention Host.

Prodetur is a public entity of the County Council of Seville whose purpose is to promote and stimulate the socio-economic development of the province of Seville. Its main objectives are to contribute to the revitalization of economic activity through the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship, support for the business sector and to increase awareness towards the creation of associations, cooperation and innovation. In addition to this, the company cooperates in the implementation of energy saving and efficiency policies, the contribution to the protection, management, revaluation and sustainable use of local resources. It also favours the development and increase of the supply and demand of tourism on a provincial level, as well as to publicize and promote the image of the province of Seville and its rural environment.

Tourism is given special emphasis within the company, which is responsible for the promotion of the municipalities of the province of Seville at all levels, local, provincial, regional, national and international. Through the tourism brand “Turismo de la Provincia”, Prodetur organizes and participates, on an annual basis, in numerous events to publicize the tourism products of the province and to promote new ones. Other aspects of the company’s intense work agenda include the assistance and participation in trade tourism fairs and other professional events, assessment and assistance of tourism professionals and communication media, publicity campaigns and organization of events.

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